In 1996, my brothers and I and friends brought the best tea of the East to the West. Now in 2020, to complete the circle, my friends and I are bring the best of the West, the top notch computational software development environment + an encyclopedic range of implemented algorithms (to speed up development time and allow experimentation): the Wolfram Language in Mathematica 12 to the East.

R@JHM a certified wolfram language consulting company

What new in Wolfram Language Version 12 >>

  • Image Processing >> Image Machine Learning >> Computation Photography >>
  • Audio Processing >> Audio Machine Learning >> Video Machine Learning >>
  • Natural Language Processing >>
  • Astronomical Entities >>  Geographics >>  UnityLink >>

Privae Enterprise Cloud for your computational SassS development needs for multi-regional corporations >>

Business Analytics >> AI Assisted Customer and Market Analysis >> Financial Analysis>>

NVDIA and Wolfram Language >> Unity Game Engine and Wolfram Language >> Rasberry Pi and Wolfram Language>> Fitbit and Wolfram Language >>

Free to try: Wolfram Cloud >> 30 day free trial of desktop Mathematica >> Wolfram Engine for Software Developers >> Wolfram Language Documentation Online >> 

Selected Books with Wolfram Language:

tnnvballproject  >>

Happy Formosa Summer Camp 2020 >>

Mathematical Essentials for Students >>

Mathematica for Kid: mblock mathematica >>




wolfram language open data demo: Taiwan Daily Rainfall

wolfram language web form demo: temperature difference. Please select two cities and the map range

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