In 1996, my brothers and I and friends brought the best tea of the East to the West. Now in 2020, to complete the circle, my friends and I are bring the best of the West, the top notch computational software development environment + an encyclopedic range of implemented algorithms (to speed up development time and so you spend more time thinking about solutions rather than writing codes): the Wolfram Language in Mathematica 12 to the East.

R@JHM a certified wolfram language and 

Mathematica consulting company


Wolfram Language 


Mathematica 12.1




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What new in Wolfram Language Version 12 >>

  • Image Processing >> Image Machine Learning >> Computation Photography >>
  • Audio Processing >> Audio Machine Learning >> Video Machine Learning >>
  • Natural Language Processing >>
  • Astronomical Entities >>  Geographics >>  UnityLink >>

Privae Enterprise Cloud for your computational SassS development needs for multi-regional corporations >>

Business Analytics >> AI Assisted Customer and Market Analysis >> Financial Analysis>>

“Wolfram Language democratizes AI by making it easier to learn, understand, prototype proof of concepts and customize for novice and power users alike.”

NVDIA and Wolfram Language >> Unity Game Engine and Wolfram Language >> Rasberry Pi and Wolfram Language>> Fitbit and Wolfram Language >>

Wolfram Language connects to large number of US external services and public databases such as

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Wikipedia, Google Analystics, Yelp, Federal Reserve Economic Data, ArXiv, and more…>>

Free to try: Wolfram Cloud >> 30 day free trial of desktop Mathematica >> Wolfram Engine for Software Developers >> Wolfram Language Documentation Online >> 

Selected Books with Wolfram Language:

API, Forms and Web Applications

Neural Net in Wolfram Language

Zero to AI in 60 Minutes

Simplified Machine Learning 

tnnvballproject  >>

Happy Formosa Summer Camp 2020 >>

Mathematica for Kid: mblock mathematica >>

Mathematica and Wolfram Language Essentials >>


wolfram language open data demo: Taiwan Daily Rainfall

wolfram language web form demo: temperature difference. Please select two cities and the map range

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