Mathematica[Import[ X ]]]

         Versatile technical scripting language

             and professional IDE for

  creative and agile learning organization!!

  • Highly customizable automation written in a multi-paradigm programming style

  • Huge all-in-one encyclopedic library with standardized full naming

Complexity reduction for 

  • faster  prototyping and focused workflow
  • quicker transition from theory to functionality 
  • all while maintaining manageability
  • Now also JIT compilable and network parallizable for faster execution










Discover the “computational swiss army knife”  

Wolfram Language and Mathematica 13.0 and 

the step-by-step Wolfram Notebook development environment


Weather the tech storm with the New

Wolfram Language®  and Mathematica 13®

  • 1. A huge professionally organized algorithm portfolio to help you weather the information age innovation storm: Big data, AI, NN, API, Computational X, Webscrapping, …and much more.
    龐大的All in one 專業 歸類 運算法 圖書室
  • 2. Cut the coding grind with core superfunctions and new data types and increase IT department efficiency 用核心超函數 與 新資料類別 減少編碼苦工 增加 部門解答創意
  • 3. Think the world Computationally with Natural language and Wolfram Language Real World Entities Objects 自然語言 運算思維解決當地與世界難題
  • 4. Unique Geometry and Visualization Engine for creating contents 獨特幾何與視覺引擎 for content generation and automation 

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What new in Wolfram Language Version 12 >>

  • Image Processing >> Image Machine Learning >> Computation Photography >>
  • Audio Processing >> Audio Machine Learning >> Video Machine Learning >>
  • Natural Language Processing >>
  • Astronomical Entities >>  Geographics >>  UnityLink >>

Privae Enterprise Cloud for your computational SassS development needs for multi-regional corporations >>

Business Analytics >> AI Assisted Customer and Market Analysis >> Financial Analysis>>

“Wolfram Language democratizes AI by making it easier to learn, understand, prototype proof of concepts and customize for novice and power users alike.”

Deploy a Neural Network to 

iOS Device >>

NVDIA and Wolfram Language >> Unity Game Engine and Wolfram Language >> Rasberry Pi and Wolfram Language>> Fitbit and Wolfram Language >>

Wolfram Language connects to large number of US external services and public databases such as

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Wikipedia, Google Analystics, Yelp, Federal Reserve Economic Data, ArXiv, and more…>>

Free to try: Wolfram Cloud >> 30 day free trial of desktop Mathematica >> Wolfram Engine for Software Developers >> Wolfram Language Documentation Online >> 

For  educators!!


Press to download a free presentation notebook for teachers and educators

(run in Wolfram Player or free account)


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API, Forms and Web Applications

Neural Net in Wolfram Language

Zero to AI in 60 Minutes

Simplified Machine Learning 

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