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Your Certified Wolfram Language Coach: 

Jack In-Jay Houng

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About the Founder

1980 Apple ][+

1990 Mac II Aldus Page Maker 2.0,Unix, Ada,

1992 Harvey Mudd College BS Physics

1993  Mathematica 2.0

1994 University of Colorado at Boulder MS Physics

2000 Golden Gate University EMBA

2006 Mathematica 6.0

2013 Mathmateica 10.0, Xcode and Objective C

2019 Mathematica 12.0

Mission of Teaching and Reselling Mathematica and Wolfram Products

    ◦    Bolstering and supplementing the STEAM  education in Taiwan 

    ◦   With experimental (trial and error okay learning environment that helps with customization workflow

    ◦    That is grounded with solid scientific language and algorithms 

    ◦    Supporting low deprecating and compact set of meaningful and high level flexible functions 

    ◦    that supports critical, logical, scientific and computation thinking and lifestyle 

    ◦    Provide optimization of scientific computing licenses through customized package designs

    ◦    Multi system deployment options

Main Interests

    ◦    Graphics and Infographics

    ◦    Astronomy and dynamic systems (coupling, weather,..)

    ◦    Analysis (Business, health…)

    ◦    Video and Turn-based games

    ◦    AI assistance to above

    ◦    External Devices connection: Fitbit, Unity Engine, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

History of R@JHM

2007 Return to Taiwan

2012 Jack Houng Media established in Taiwan

2013 Apple WWDC Conference and Wolfram Technology Conference

2014 Studio76Edutainment: Let Learn Everyday Chinese iOS app

2019 Mathematica 12.0 Consultation at NTU

2020 Jack Houng Media Research (R@JHM) established in Taiwan 

2020 Offical Reseller of Mathematica 12.1 Licenses and Fitbit 

2021 Official Certifier of Mathematica Courses Completion and Programmers in Taiwan

   In 1996, my brothers and I and friends brought the best tea of the East to the West. Now in 2020, to complete the circle, my friends and I are bring the best of the West, the top notch computational software development environment + an encyclopedic range of implemented algorithms (to speed up development time and so you spend more time thinking about solutions rather than writing codes): the Wolfram Language® in Mathematica 12® to the East.

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