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Kickstart Turnkey Package

Tal: Wolfram language is more human readable. Less comments required. Wolfram語言更易於人類閱讀 減少所需的註明。

Tal: No more extra apps. Mathematica has you covered. 不再有額外的應用程式。 Mathematica已經幾乎全有

Pred: I use Mathematica and Wolfram language everyday . And i beat my python peers in speed.我每天都使用MathematicaWolfram語言。 我在速度上擊敗了我的python同事

Katarina: Wolfram language really excels in symbolic arrays. Wolfram語言在符號陣列中非常出色。

Sola: The visualization tool of Wolfram language it's really good and simple. Wolfram語言的視覺化工具真的很好,也很簡單。

Fred: once you decided you really want to learn Wolfram language it's not too hard.一旦你決定你真的想學習Wolfram語,它就不會太難了

Jack: Hi, I am the founder of Jack Houng Media Research, the new reseller and certification partner of wolfram technology in Taiwan. the functional programming design of the Wolfram language has helped me to catch up to the tech industry in just three years making my academic knowledge productive and almost self explanatory. With it I have also been able to help many of my students to catch up.

4+11 (Certification Plus PBL)Turn Key Package

With the hybrid approach of certification and project based learning you learn the fundamental of the language plus experience of putting that knowledge to work in a open-source project in a domain of your interest. Jack will guide you through the forest of documentations and resources available to find what you need in personalized tutoring session.

This is available for larger groups, or single  students, researchers at work or academia, hobbyists.

What's in this package:

Certification (4 sessions)

[ ]Quick Introduction to Wolfram Technology 

[ ]Fundamentals of Wolfram Language 

[ ]Practical Programming with Wolfram Language

Project (11 sessions)

[ ]One Open Source Prototype project

[ ]Personalized Tutoring sessions


[ ]Free access to R@JHM nff2 server or discount on latest license (rental or perpetual)

[ ]Free access to R@JHM Taiwan study group

Contact support@jhmresearch.com to see if wolfram language is right for you and which package options fits you in learning the language.

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