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Jack In-Jay Houng

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Why I am Teaching this professional series:

Wolfram Language is an coding language for expert domains that helps thinking. It not only help you focus on key factors in your domain, it also helps for you to learn and communicate with other expert domains so that you can collaborate or share.

Wolfram Language is not a low code or no code language. One has to learn how to code and to debug and test.

Wolfram Language is also not the ultimate AI tool although as mentioned its workflow helps you think better. As such it enable the usage of any and best frameworks of other languages such as R, Julia, Python, Octave and NodeJS as the developer sees fit.

    My three part course, design by the senior developers and instructors of Wolfram Technology, walk you through the mountains and valleys of learning wolfram language, reducing my 20 years of experience into 3 three-hour certification courses so that you can be self-sufficient in navigating the language, the notebook interface, documentation and community. Hope you will join me in this exciting new language.

Jack In-Jay Houng

Certified Wolfram U Instructor

Founder of R@JHM

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